West Alvington Parish Council

Kingsbridge West Alvington and Churchstow joint Neighbourhood Plan

West Alvington Kingsbridge and Churchstow Councils are currently working together through a joint steering group to produce a joint Neighbourhood Plan

This is a formal document that sets out planning policies which will last until 2034 and be used as a blueprint for planners and councils to decide local planning applications and/or to encourage certain sorts of local development. The object is to ensure the community gets the type of development structure that it wants. Until now SHDC has produced its own local plan for the whole South Hams. Once our neighbourhood plan is in place this will be used to supplement the SHDC plan. We cannot however override the Joint Local Plan.


Until that date you had a chance to participate by filling in an online questionnaire (or a paper one from WA Parish Council if you do not have internet). The information you provided will be analysed to give us a guide to what our community wants and what its needs are.


We will be having public meetings of meetings of a variety of groups focusing on local issues highlighted by your responses to date. Your input, even if late, will be very welcome. Our plan will probably take at least a couple of years to be promulgated and take effect.

There will be local meetings and a draft plan circulated for comments and finally a referendum.

Here is the link that you need to respond online to the questionnaire:


What goes in our plan will depend on YOUR responses. It will probably need to cover your wishes and views on:

Employment, housing and homes, community and leisure facilities, commerce and the economy, transport, traffic and parking, education training and social support, natural environment, built environment, health, exercise and well being .....

You can comment on either West Alvington issues and/or Kingsbridge or Churchstow issues.

Progress news

November 2019

Our representatives are currently interested in ascertaining any thoughts regarding matters in the Parish; particularly:

(a) Buildings and/or built features anywhere in the Parish thought to be of historic or architectural interest or merit 

(b) Any local views (within the Parish) felt to be important and/or worthy of conservation

(c) Any green spaces felt to be of importance

We have also been asked to approve the line of the future settlement boundary of the village as shown on a plan produced to our Clerk.

If you have any opinion relating to this (ie any land within/near the village which you think could be useful or suitable for possible inclusion within the village boundary - or any land that you think should definitely not be included) we would be most grateful to hear from you. Please contact either of our representatives or the Clerk to the Parish Council

June 2019

The Main Steering Group met at Kingsbridge on 3rd June 2019

The main item was a report on a meeting at SHDC when it appeared that there is no evidence on any need for the provision of more social housing in West Alvington village. There are still 42 houses in the village administered by Live West.

If you are aware of a need please contact the Parish Council asap. We need to hear from you with your experiences and opinions.

There is it appears no evidence of any high occupation of houses for use as holiday homes and thus no evidence of need for a primary residence restriction such as has been applied in other holiday areas eg: Thurlestone.

It was agreed to hold a major meeting of all focus group leaders on 9th July with the intention of holding a review and co-ordination of thoughts with a view to drafting overall policy proposals that could be presented to the community by means of a public meeting in Kingsbridge in October.