West Alvington Parish Area
Village enhancements

It is hoped by the Parish Council that through encouragement and local initiative the village scene can be improved for the benefit of all in the village.

As an example, Tony Murdock has recently created a lovely new garden area with shrubs and spring flowers at the entrance to Town Park alongside the footpath opposite the Ring O'Bells. Congratulations to Tony and his able helpers, Apple and Lisa.

Tony Murdocks colourful new garden area beside the Kingsbridge footpath

NB: the dog poo bin (which sadly was not emptied very often) has now been removed.

This is just one example of how individual initiative can benefit us all. There are lots of other places in the village which are being similarly enhanced and we hope (with permission) to get photos on here of the efforts which are being made by many to improve their garden areas and in so doing to enhance our village. 

Keith Steer has recently helped to make the village look more attractive by buying and positioning beautiful flower tubs at either side of the Church entrances. See below how nice they look and how they even make the BT communications cabinet look acceptable!

Keith Steer's planters brightening the village scene near the Church entrance gate

Keith Steer's fantastic planter at Church Steps. What a beautiful splash of colour!

A curious corner..

Leanne and Ben 's Gnome and Toadstool outside Rose Cottage

The school volunteered at our June Parish Council meeting to provide a flower feature near the entrance to the school and this will be much appreciated.

There was discussion about wild flower areas being established near the village hall. All ideas for wild flower areas will be welcomed.

If you have a photo or know an area that you feel should be highlighted here please do contact our temporary webmaster Geoffrey (rossetti-wa@btconnect.com) or any Parish Councillor. Or come to one of our monthly meetings in the village hall.