West Alvington Parish Council

Public Rights of Way in the Parish


The Parish contains a variety of public footpaths, one byway and a few un-metalled (non surfaced) roads. Footpaths run across private land but the public have a right of passage along same on foot. Devon CC maintain a definitive map showing the location and extent of all these rights in our Parish.

Owing to copyright laws we are prohibited from reproducing their map here. The Parish Council has obtained a paper copy from D.C.C.and hopes to display it in the Village Hall. To assist you we have produced our own basic, but we hope helpful, diagrammatic map of the Parish. Black lines are roads. Red are footpaths or byways. Green are unmetalled roads. Purple are ways that exist but are private and NOT available to the public.

Click here for a diagrammatic map of rights of way within the parish

We set out below a brief guide to the public rights in the Parish.

Footpath Number 1.   Nordern to Redford Lane partly via WA woods. 610 metres
Footpath Number 2.   Wood Lane and through WA woods to Redford Lane. 540 metres
Footpath Number 3.   Town Park entrance (beside Mwitain Road) to Kingsbridge. 330 metres
Footpath Number 4    From Phoenix Place leads beside Homefield. 210 metres
Footpath Number 5.   From Woodhouse Lane to part way up Easton Hill. 300 metres
Footpath Number 6.   From top of Easton Hiil down the green lane to field gate  330 metres
Footpath Number 7.   Continuation of FP6 across fields to join the Kb-Collapit Road 550 metres
Footpath Number 8.   Continuation of FP6 across fields towards Tacketwood. 570 metres
Footpath Number 9.   Continuation of FP6 across land to public road at Easton.  270 metres
Footpath Number 10.  From bottom of Preston Farm lane towards S. Milton 400 metres
Footpath Number 11.  From Youngcombe to Woolston. 840 metres
Footpath Number 12.  From Collapit-Blanksmill Road to Woolston 870 metres
Footpath Number 13.  Beside Hawk House drive towards S. Milton  670 metres
Footpath Number 14.  Tacketwood Bridge beside Estuary to Private Road. 180 metres
Footpath Number 15.  Continuation of FP14 along private road to foreshore. 220 metres
Byway  Number    17.  Leading from road near Blanksmill to creek foreshore. 80 metres
Unmetalled road          Leading from Longbrook past the woods to the communication tower
Unmetalled road          Leading from Sockwell Cott towards Cholwells
Unmetalled road          (Short) Leading from lane at Woolston to FPs 11 and 12
Unmetalled road          Leading from Main A381 near Preston Cotts towards Easton
Unmetalled road          Leading from Preston Farm towards S. Milton
Unmetalled road          Leading from Sawmill (on S.Huish lane) to S.Milton

Hedges and banks alongside roads and paths usually belong to the farmer or landowner who owns the adjoining field or land. The farmer or landowner is responsible for cutting back and keeping their hedge maintained so it does not obstruct rights of passage along the road or path. However there can be special cases where the standard position does not apply.

Problems can be caused by a footpath or byway that has been inadvertently or deliberately closed off,  or rendered unusable, or a gate or stile is broken or a path has become overgrown or the signs have been broken off or signs are otherwise missing or unreadable. Or sometimes the surface becomes very muddy or rutted or impassable. 

If you become aware of any issue with any of the rights of way set out above the Parish Council would appreciate your notifying our Clerk with brief details - or please come to a meeting and let us know. We will be most grateful.

The Parish Council are responsible for reporting any obstruction or issues they become aware of to the landowner and requesting them to take suitable remedial action.  Failing a satisfactory resolution the issue can be notified by us to Devon C.C. They will see what can be achieved with the ultimate sanction that enforcement action can be taken if all other avenues fail.

Bear in mind that landowners are perfectly within their rights to plough or reseed land and the footpath may then be temporarily unavailable. Landowners have a 14 day period to reinstate a public footpath across their land to 1 metre in width.

PLEASE sample the footpaths in our parish. But please also respect the countryside. Respect any animals or crops on farmers land. Keep your dog on a lead and do not let it worry sheep or animals. If your dog does a poo please take it away in a bag. DON'T hang it up in a tree or a hedge!! Try to take home any litter - even if you didn't create it. If we all pick up one item of litter a day, especially plastic, it will do wonders for helping the environment which we all benefit from.